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for each QSO made till 24:00 UTC on 30 March 2018, if requested, it will be sent a QSL VIA BURO




from 00.00 UTC of October 30, 2017 until 24.00 UTC November 5, 2017.

Hunter Stations:
Italian and Foreign Hams and SWL.

Qualified operators:
The ARI Section of San Daniele del Friuli will use the call IQ3FX.

In the following days will be active from the places theatre of the battles using the call IQ3FX/P:
October 31, 2017 from San Rocco Church (town of Forgaria nel Friuli)
November 1, 2017 from Mt. Ragogna (town of  Ragogna)
November 4, 2017 from  Pinzano bridge (town of  Pinzano al Tagliamento)
November 5, 2017 from Clapat islet (city of San Daniele del Friuli)

The ARI Section may change dates and places according to the weather conditions, leaving unchanged the possibility for the hunters to obtain the award.

Other qualified stations will operate either from their QTH or in portable.

The relevant list will be published on the ARI Section website

When using the Section call IQ3FX, other stations will give also the points of their personal call.
For example: SSB IQ3FX 59 5 points + IV3RVN 59 3 points

Modes: SSB, CW and digital modes.

Bands: 20 m, 40 m e 80 m according to the Band Plan IARU.

SSB: contacts with the Section call IQ3FX: 5 points, during the aforesaid dates with the call IQ3FX/P: 10 points, with other stations: 3 points.

Contacts  in CW and digital modes: with the Section call IQ3FX: 8 points, during the aforesaid dates with the call IQ3FX/P: 13 points, with other stations: 6 points.

Only one contact in the same band and the same mode with the same station is allowed in one day.

Qualified stations call:
in SSB: “CQ Tagliamento e Grande Guerra”, in CW and digital modes: “CQ Tagliamento e GG”.

Italian Hams, Foreign Hams, SWL.

to claim the award Italian stations must collect 30 points, foreign stations 20 points.

At least one contact with the ARI Section call IQ3FX/P must be made to obtain the award.

The first classified Italian Ham, Foregign Ham and SWL will achieve a plate.
The second and third classified the paper award with the relevant position.

claims for the paper award must be addessed to the Award Manager Pier IV3RVN iv3rvn@ together with the  log in Excel, txt o Adif format that must contain: call, date, time, frequency and mode and also a copy of the payment of Euros 10,00 through Banca Popolare di Cividale – San Daniele del Friuli (UD) SWIFT CIVIIT2C IBAN IT46J0548464190071570420592 in name of Associazione Radioamatori Italiani – San Daniele del Friuli or through Postepay nr. 5333 1710 4691 8377 in name of the Secretary Loris Menegazzi.

The award will be sent by registered mail.
No award in pdf format is foreseen.
On request a special QSL card will be sent through Bureau

applications for the award and the special QSL card must be sent within November 30, 2017.

ARI Section of San Daniele will issue a separate classification for each class and publish the lists on the website