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Diploma Abbazie Friulane

Friuli Venezia Giulia Abbeys Award D.A.F
(Manager: Pierluigi Gerussi IV3RVN)


The A.R.I. Section of San Daniele del Friuli, in collaboration with the D.A.I. staff and the A.R.I. Section of Busto Arsizio, promotes the Friuli Venezia Giulia Abbeys Award (D.A.F.) which will be issued to OM and SWL. in order to raise awareness of the religious monuments (henceforth simply Abbeys) existing in the region, emphasizing their historical and architectural heritage. The diploma will start on 01/07/2014: QSO made before that date will not be accepted.

To obtain the Award, the applicant must demonstrate to have connected/heard the following number of references:
a)        Italian Stations:  5 Abbeys of Friuli Venezia Giulia.
b)        Foreign Stations: 3 Abbeys of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

The D.A.I. references in Friuli Venezia Giulia will use the prefix "FL".

The QSO/HRD can be worked out on all ham bands, from 2 to 160 meters and in all modes of emission. There are two versions of the Award: Hunter and Expeditioner.

Only the QSO/HRD that refer to activations which had been already validated, as per the list on our website and on the website (already accredited by the D.A.I. Office), will be valid.

The Diploma D.A.F. is issued to each OM or SWL who will present request to the Manager IV3RVN, sending the filled form, downloadable from the website, along with the files generated by the program BBLogger with which the applicant certifies that its country regulations have been complied and provides a detailed list of the links in order of reference containing the following informations: name of the Abbey, Callsign, date, frequency or band and mode. Sending QSL is not necessary. The diploma is free and it is sent to applicants as a PDF file. Those who wish hardcopy must make a specific request to the Award Manager who will forward the details for the payment: the cost is 10 €.
A.R.I. Section of San Daniele del Friuli will reserve the right to change the graphics of the Diploma if wished.

On request a crystal plate will be sent.
a)    EXPEDITIONERS (25 activations)
b)    FOREIGN HUNTERS (50 references)
c)    ITALIAN HUNTERS (100 references)
The cost is 30 € + SSP. 
For infos: Award Manager

The ranking of the Hunters, SWL and activators that have achieved the D.A.F. will be periodically updated and published on the website of A.R.I. San Daniele del Friuli

All the competitors who have received the D.A.F. Award and had activated/heard/linked 3 out of 5 Dioceses from Friuli Venezia Giulia (V10-Pordenone, V11-Gorizia, V19-Trieste, V20-Udine, V24-Vittorio Veneto) will receive by email the D.D.F. Award (Award of Dioceses Friuli Venezia Giulia) as a PDF file without filling a request for it:
a)      3 worked will assure the Base D.D.F. (Green);
b)      4 worked the Honour Roll D.D.F. (Orange);
c)      5 worked the Top Honour Roll D.D.F. (Red).

The valid references are those assigned by the D.A.I. Award Technical Manager from the A.R.I. Section of Busto Arsizio (VA) and accredited for the Italian Abbeys Diploma.

The list of the Abbeys of Friuli is available on D.A.I. site, as well as on our web site.

On request it will be issued the D.A.F. Expeditioner AWARD to the radioamateurs who will have activated at least 5 Abbeys of Friuli in two different provinces at leastr. The recognition strictly reffers to the official list of activations by D.A.I. To shorten the issuing time, the activators can send the ADIF file togheter with the filled form directly to the Award Manager  SWL can simply send a xls file containing the call of the activator, date, band as well as the call of the QSO counterpart.

Every hunter, activator or SWL. can send an update of its position whenever it deems necessary.

The activity for the Diploma shall be considered valid only if the instructions contained in the D.A.I. Rules will be complied.

The Expeditioner FLXXXX who will not send the filled documents to the D.A.F. Staff will not receive validation for others Activations for D.A.F. Award.

Abbey Defining: See D.A.I. Rules.

 President: Fabrizio Lizzi IV3EPC
Award Manager: Pierluigi Gerussi IV3RVN